National Talent Expo

Since it’s beginning in 1987, the National Teen Talent Expo has been one of the fastest growing ministries of the Youth Department. The National Talent Expo has been the vehicle for teens to develop their talents toward their full potential for Christ.


The purpose of NTE is to:


  • To involve PCG youth in developing abilities and talents for the glory of God. 

  • To motivate teenagers to utilize their abilities in the ministries of the PCG. 

  • To provide evaluative data on performances which may serve as a guide for development of talents and skills for the glory of God. 

  • To motivate teenagers to develop their personal relationship with God. 

  • To provide opportunities for teenagers to develop relationships with other youth in the PCG.



Every year in the fall, hundreds of teens and kids from all across America begin to prepare themselves to compete in District Talent Expos, hoping for the chance to compete in the National Talent Expo. Through the opportunity presented by the National Talent Expo, students discover and develop their God-given talents, and learn how to use them to make an impact in the world in which we live. Through NTE, students will dedicate themselves to endless hours of preparation, writing, sculpting, developing and practice to use their talents for His glory.


Discover your gifts, develop them, and then use them to change our world for Christ!


The National Talent Expo is for students ages 6-19 years old, with ages 6-12 competing in the Kids Talent Expo and ages 13-19 competing in the Teen Talent Expo. For more information on NTE please download our most current version of rules & guidelines.

*The newest version of NTE Rules/Guidelines will be published by December 1st (preceding the competition year).

*NEW Teen Category for 2020 SPOKEN WORD. For examples click here

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