Since 1967, thousands of students have actively been studying the Word of God through our Bible Quiz program. Impact Bible Quiz is an exciting, interactive game format similar to a game show you would see on TV.  Two teams compete with 3 players on each team, attempting to answer a set of 20 questions that vary in difficulty.  They have 30 seconds to answer the question & the team with the highest score at the end wins! Each quiz season covers a different portion of the Bible.


The purpose of the Bible Quiz ministry is to:

  • Encourage, by systematic study, an in-depth understanding of God’s word among our students.

  • Teach students to make daily application of the Word.

  • Motivate students to memorize the Bible.

  • Cultivate, through competition, a proper attitude toward winning and losing.

  • Teach students to reflect the spirit of Christ in attitude and action.

  • Provide, through travel and competition, opportunities to expand Christian fellowship among other students.

  • Provide an opportunity for discipling students.


There are three levels of quizzing:                             

  • Primary quizzing – ages 5-8

  • Junior quizzing – ages 9-12

  • Senior quizzing – ages 13-19


You can have up to 8 players on a team and each team requires a coach.


*Updated/NEW Rule/Guideline effective in the 2019/2020 Quiz Season:

Section 0: CHALLENGING; Rule #7

“The second time, and each subsequent time in a quiz that a team initiates a challenge which is denied, it will be a team foul.”


(this is a change from the "third time" to now the "second time").

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