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1. What are the ages for NTE?


We have two divisions in the National Talent Expo: Kids & Teens. Kid participants must have turned 6 years of age, but no older than 12, on June 1st of the competition year and Teen participants must have turned 13 years of age, but no older than 19, on June 1st of the competition year.


2. What must I do to qualify to compete at the National Talent Expo Finals?


Each participant must first compete & qualify first in their District Teen Talent Expo. In order to compete in the National Talent Expo Finals, participants must have received a “National Invitation Score” (minimum score of 225) in their District Talent Expo. Each District is allowed a maximum of two entries per category into the National Talent Expo. Should the two qualifying winners be unable to attend, the District, at it’s discretion, may choose to send the next runner up, providing they have scored 225 or higher.


3. Who is eligible to compete in the NTE program?


Participants must attend a Pentecostal Church of God church or a church affiliated in fellowship with the Pentecostal Church of God, or a youth group registered with the National Youth Department. For more information in registering a youth group with the National Youth Department, click here.


4. Can I compete in multiple categories?


Yes. Participants may compete in as many categories as they would like, however only one entry per category is allowed.


5. Are the rules the same each year or do they change?


We are always striving to improve our NTE program. With that in mind, each year a revised set of NTE Rules/Guidelines are released. It is imperative that at the start of a new NTE season/cycle that participants familiarize themselves with the most updated set of rules/guidelines. The newest NTE Rules/Guidelines will be published by December 1st (preceeding the competition year).