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FIRST campaign

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Campaign Resources coming soon

What is the FIRST Campaign? 

A 21-day campaign designed to help students put God first and consecrate the new year (2022) to God through focused devotion and prayer.


What does the Campaign look like? 

The FIRST campaign will be highlighted by the FIRST devo series, a 21-day devotional journey designed to help your students dedicate the year to the Lord and prioritize spiritual growth. Can you imagine students all across the globe joining together on a 21-day journey of focused prayer & spiritual growth? 


Is the Devo series for Teens only? 

The FIRST devo series will be available in a format for both TEENS and KIDS. 

Are there any other resources available for the campaign? 

Upon sign-up, digital resources will be sent to each church to help encourage your students to participate in the FIRST campaign. In addition to promo material, other digital resources will also be made available. Physical Journals/Devotionals will be mailed out in December - 2021 and the campaign launches January 1, 2021. 


How do I sign-up my Church/Student Group? 

You can sign-up by clicking here.

Although the campaign launches January 1, 2022, we ask that you sign-up as quickly possible to give adequate time to receive the digital resources as well as the printed devotionals.

Click below the digital campaign resources.