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What is KUEST? 

KUEST is a student leadership development program. Think of KUEST as the new destination for your kids; your new "X Marks the Spot!" From the moment you launch your KUEST Student Leadership Solution, your primary mission becomes empowering young students to become strong leaders. Your KUEST Team becomes your go-to resource for everything in your children's ministry. Your primary measure of success becomes moving these students forward in spiritual, service and leadership development.

These young students will perform every function in your ministry. From lights and sound, worship and greeting to setup, tear down, administration, media and production; your students will be empowered to take on any and every task necessary for your ministry to function. As a result, your general group of kids will experience seeing their peers using their gifts and developing as leaders. This creates a natural and powerful draw for them to be part of the process. KUEST takes everything you currently do in your children's ministry and engages young students in the process. This is your new destination: STRONG YONG LEADERS!


What is the KUEST PCG Network? 

Our goal is to partner with KUEST to create an opportunity to better resource our PCG Churches in the area of student development – specifically young children. Since PCG has an established process and resources for developing Teen leaders, we would focus our efforts on helping churches grow their ability to practically minister to young children and their families.

This strategy is designed to allow every church, regardless of size or staffing situation, to engage in the process of coaching for the development of their ministry to the next generation.


Launch of PCG KUEST Network 

In 2022 we launched our partnership with KUEST to create a KUEST PCG Network. If you are interested in getting more info on starting a KUEST program in your local Church please fill out the contact form below.

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